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DC / DC converter 24V / 90W for Resmed S9 series devices

DC / DC converter 24V / 90W for Resmed S9 series devices

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The 24V / 90W output DC / DC converter can be used to operate your S9 treatment device from 12 or 24V DC power, such as a car or boat battery.

In addition to powering your S9 therapy device, this converter also supports your H5i heated humidifier and ClimateLine heating circuit. You can travel freely while maintaining the same level of comfort and security that you enjoy at home.

The S9 DC / DC converter can be used with any CPAP or dual pressure level device built from our award winning S9 platform.

The DC / DC converter gives you more freedom by allowing you to operate your device from different power sources while still enjoying the comfort and benefits of humidification and heating circuit.


Use the converter only when connecting to a 12V or 24V DC power supply. Do not connect an S9 device to a 12V or 24V DC power source while the DC power source is charged from the mains. The converter should only be used with S9 devices to ensure proper functioning of the device. The converter is intended for use on 12V or 24V negative ground systems (where the negative terminal of the battery is grounded). Using it on a 12V or 24V positive ground system may damage the S9 device and the vehicle's electrical system. If you are not sure whether you have a negative grounding system, consult the power sources manual. Do not leave the converter connected to the power source when the S9 device is not in use, as this may drain the battery over time. Make sure the converter is not covered during use, to prevent damage to the device. You must have a working electrical system. Have it checked by an auto electrician if in doubt. The converter is not intended for use on an airplane.

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