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The Icon Auto CPAP, which is an upgraded version of the Fisher & Paykels SleepStyle 200 Auto Series, comes with a one year warranty and is equipped with the most essential features that any CPAP user needs to have a comfortable experience.

The Machine itself is very user friendly, with its fairly compact design and Smart Dial for sleep functions and data control. With its low cost and efficiency, the Icon is an ideal choice for anyone – and it even comes with some nifty features, like its alarm clock and music playing ability.


Internal Heated Humidification: The ICON+ Humidifier is integrated into the CPAP device, providing more room on your nightstand.

Attached Power Cord:
An attached power cord eliminates the need of a “power brick,” which in turn allows for easier access to your wall outlet. This feature removes the risk of loss of the power cord when travelling.

One Button Navigation:
A single control dial provides access to the 3 most common features that you need, these include ON/OFF, Ramp, and Humidity settings.

Front Facing Display:
The position of the display means you do not have to raise out of bed to be able to see or change a setting.

Advanced Menu:
If you tend to be more technically inclined, the ICON+ offers an Advanced mode with added features such as clock, alarm, and dimmer adjusment.

ThermoSmartTM/ Heated humidification:
The air delivered from CPAP therapy creates drying of the airway, the amount of drying varies in each patient. ThermoSmartTM with a heated breathing tube provides the widest range of humidification levels. It even takes into account your room’s temperature, adjusting as needed, to provide just the right amount of humidification for you.

Ramp (Novo):
When you are awake, you may find the air pressure uncomfortable. Ramp is a feature that you can manually adjust by simply pressing on the dial. When Ramp is activated the pressure decreases and then gradually increases over a 20 minute period allowing you the time you need to fall asleep comfortably.

SensAwakeTM/Pressure Relief (Premo & Auto):
SensAwakeTM is another feature that responds to the pressure when you are awake. There are times you may awake during the night unexpectedly, when SensAwakeTM senses these waking moments, the pressure is reduced allowing you to comfortably fall back to sleep, similar to activating Ramp.

Allows you to upload your sleep performance anywhere you have a computer connected to the internet. InfoUSBTM is simple, convenient, and free to upload.


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