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Auto CPAP SleepStyle - Online
Auto cpap Sleepstyle de fisher & paykel
Auto CPAP SleepStyle - Online
Auto CPAP SleepStyle - Online
Auto CPAP SleepStyle - Online

Auto CPAP SleepStyle - Online

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The Sleep Style CPAP machine offers a compact, lightweight and modern design. Quiet device that does not interfere with your partner's sleep. Easy to use menu and adjustment button.

Designed with SensAwake or Sensitive Pressure Limiting Technology that senses your awakenings during the night, to reduce pressure quickly and make it easier for you to fall back to sleep; ideal for patients who suffer from intolerance to too much pressure. Also offers the option to release pressure on exhalation, for added comfort.

ThermoSmart technology offers more humidity and comfort with its exclusive heated breathing circuit, delivers superior personalized humidity levels that remain constant throughout the night, regardless of temperature variations. These higher humidity levels should maintain normal airway conditions without the side effect of condensation.

The reservoir chamber has easy access. This CPAP machine includes the integrated connectivity option with the Infosmart app, allowing you to track your progress and giving your care provider access to your results. Included transport bag and heating tube.

  • ThermoSmart technology
  • SensAwake
  • Expiratory relief
  • Central apnea detection
  • Ramp
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Efficiency report and Compliance report
  • Wireless connection via bluetooth
  • Sends sleep reports to your clinician via cell modem.
The purchase of CPAP includes the following:
  • A heating tube
  • The water tank
  • A carrying bag
  • Power supply

The mask is sold separately.

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